Dress Code and Grooming

dress code and grooming nilanjana ghosh

Let us start with a short story. The famous social reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was once invited to a dinner party hosted by a senior British officer. Vidyasagar habitually wore a simple cotton dhoti and a shawl and on this occasion too he showed up at the British officer’s house in a similar attire. The guard at the door turned him away mistaking him for a beggar. A little while later, Vidyasagar arrived at the same dinner party dressed in a tuxedo, a necktie and polished boots. The same guard who had turned him away, this time welcomed him in. Once all the guests had been seated at the dining table, and the food had been served, Vidyasagar began to apply spoonsful of food onto his clothes. When the surprised host asked him the meaning of his action, Vidyasagar replied that it was his attire and not he who had been invited to the dinner. As explanation he related what had occurred at the gate earlier that evening.

Today, more than ever, the correct dress code and grooming reflects a lot on one’s personal impact. Yet it becomes complicated for us to decide what the proper dress code should be, especially in the Indo-Western environment. It really is not that difficult. One easy course with us will give you a very good idea about dress code and your personal grooming.

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