Ikebana and Moribana

ikebana and moribana

Ikebana is the ancient art of flower arrangement practiced in Japan for more than 700 years. It is not just flower arrangement but very deep philosophy goes into placing the flowers and stems in a way that it offers not only beauty but some deep meaning. This art form has evolved to fit modern homes and ikebana artists have started using objects like fruits, shells, wood, and figurines and just about anything that catches the fancy of the artist. Moribana is a form of ikebana but with a slight difference in the placing of the flowers and branches. Don’t you agree that a beautifully decorated ikebana arrangement is any day better than just a bunch of flowers thrown in a vase? We also teach how to dry flowers and leaves, which are more long lasting than your fresh flowers and leaves. Come learn how to decorate your home or office in the Ikebana style using dry or fresh flowers or both.